RED January. A common runners’ term that stands for ‘Run Every Day January’. This is a community initiative that encourages people to support their mental health by doing something active every day of the month. Whether it’s running or walking, there are no rules except be active every day.

This was the concept that paved the way for the Stanmore Jafferys January Walking/Running Challenge. The aim was to motivate the community to follow through with their New Year fitness goals/resolutions and get into the consistent habit of being active especially through the winter months.

Alhamdullilah, over 70 ladies from across the globe took up the challenge setting their own goals for the month whether that was a mileage target, 10k steps a day or 300 mins of walking in the month (10 mins a day) or even achieving a 5k run by the end. Everyone’s goal was different; tailored to be a challenge for them.

Sounds easy? Well, it was much harder than the ladies thought! With work, home-schooling, freezing temperatures, rain, snow, darkness and much more to contend with, there were so many excuses to keep putting it off. This is where the January Challenge WhatsApp group with its daily reminders and motivation was the key to overcoming these obstacles. Many had never thought of going out in the rain or after Maghrib but the group encouragement that this challenge fostered made each participant overcome their hurdles.

Below is a selection of some of the many testimonials we have received from participants over the course of the month.

We are truly humbled by this incredible feedback and we hope you all continue your walking/running journeys inspiring others along the way.

The SJ Ladies Running Group on Strava was buzzing with activity and even began to get competitive as participants jostled to top the leaderboard. We are so proud of each and every one of the ladies who have taken part and pushed themselves to start the year like never before.

Lead running coordinator, Sakina Sidik, said: All it needed was planning. Like we do with many things in life, we just needed to be organised and have a plan to our day. January weather was never going to help, but so many sisters took up the challenge and even gave me the motivation to keep my January running streak going”.

If you would like to be part of our walking/running group please contact Sakina Sidik, Tara Khaku or Kayla Black or email

Join us and we’ll help you get out and about over these winter months!

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