The March Teens Challenge was epic! 16 girls aged 11-14 took on the 3-week challenge to walk at least 1km daily to win points for their team.

As with the March Teams Challenge for the adults, each team had their own WhatsApp group in which they shared what they were achieving and would cheer each other on. There were two teams, March Movers and Girls Never Walk Alone (GNWA), check out the cool logos they designed!

School had started and a lot of the girls had incorporated the walks into their routine on their journeys to or from school which is great inspiration for us. Many others took this as an opportunity to explore different routes and enjoyed taking pictures of nature, appreciating the natural beauty they encountered.

The challenge ended with the Finale held on Wednesday 7th April. The girls dressed in their respective team colours (MM-Red; GNWA-Blue) and the evening was filled with various awards as well as hearing our young participants reflecting on their experience of the challenge. Finally, the girls were congratulated by guest speaker Rukayya Muraj as well as Chair and Vice Chair of SJ Samina Govani and Gulshan Walji.

Click here to see view the testimonials, awards & leaderboards


The past year has been a difficult one not being able to see each other or take part in normal activities. The challenge was a great way to bring girls from our community together and do something fun!

If we were to give advice to our teen selves, it would be to not be afraid to take part in events run by our community (and we’re not just saying this because we want you all to come to the next one!). If you’re feeling hesitant at all, just take that first step and you’ll be surprised at how friendly and supportive everyone is.

The girls who took part took that first step and we’d like to congratulate each and every one of them. They signed up for the betterment of their physical and mental health and are therefore all winners! Massive Kudos to March Movers and GNWA!

A huge thank you to Burayha Lalji who oversaw the challenge and kept the girls motivated throughout the 3 weeks

We look forward to holding more challenges for our youth in the near future!