SJ Cycling Teams Challenge – November 2020

SJ Ladies Cycling are proud to announce a new Teams Challenge initiative. We have been running our monthly challenges for well over 9 months and it is encouraging to see how you all have challenged yourselves individually to push yourselves and reach the top spot.

In an effort to increase camaraderie, take our challenges up a notch and make it more exciting It is now time to team up with riders and take the competition to uncharted territory. Continue riding as you normally would and rack up the miles and elevation as a team to top the leaderboard!

What is it?

It’s simple. This is a team based challenge enabling you to connect with other riders riding together to achieve one aim – make the top spot on the Teams leaderboard and win a prize!


How will it work?

  • We will handpick Team Captains to make the team allocations fair

  • You will be randomly assigned into a team

  • You ride and record your rides on Strava (SJ Ladies Strava:

  • At the end of the month, we will accumulate your ride statistics

  • Statistics from all riders within a team will be summed up and team rankings will be published

What are the rules?

  • Abiding by your local government’s lockdown restrictions and guidelines

  • This challenge is open for Ladies only

  • Rides can be indoors or outdoors

  • Riders must be in ‘SJLC’ Strava group –

  • Riders must sign up to

  • Make new friends, ride together and have a blast!


How do I sign up?

Easy Peasy. Click below  to sign up!

Sign Up for Teams Challenge



How will you ensure the teams will be fair?

We will hand pick strong riders to become Team Captains. There will be a regular Teams call where the team selection will be made live and the groups can have banter – more details to follow.


When will I know about my team assignments?

Once registered, we will add you to our Telegram group where all updates will be provided.


What are the UK cycling lockdown guidelines again?

Only ride alone, with those in your household/support bubble, or with one person from another household. If you are riding with a person from another household, you must only ever ride as a pair.

Will the team allocations be fixed?

To make the challenge more exciting we will shuffle the teams up at the end of every month. More details will be released around mid-december.

Do I have to ride together as a team?

Depending on your local governments’ lockdown restrictions you may ride in a group or individually, indoors or outdoors.

Will this impact my current riding schedule?

No. You continue your rides as you normally would and we will grab your ride statistics from Chasetheladder to populate team rankings.

This challenge sounds too easy, is there a twist?


What will happen to the monthly challenges?

The Teams Challenge will replace our current monthly challenges.

I have more questions, who do I ask?

Please feel free to reach out to the SJLC team by emailing

Thank you,
SJL Cycling