What is it?

This year, we have pledged, as a community, to undertake 100,000 minutes of activity (walking/running/cycling) over the month of Ramadhan while raising £12,500 to provide meals for 500 beneficiaries here in the UK in partnership with World Federation Aid and Al-Mizan Charitable Trust. These individuals and families are in dire need of food to break their fasts with and we hope to provide them with nutritious food after a long day of fasting.

What do I need to do?

All you need to do is simply sign up at the link below and do as much (or as little) activity as you can manage. There are no teams and no competition, just 1 collective community milestone! To help raise funds, you could set yourself an achievable individual or family target and ask others to sponsor you and donate through our justgiving page.

What difference will it make?

Imagine a world where you are fasting during lock down, working from home, home schooling, not being able to go out…and then, when it’s Iftar time….you have nothing to eat….This is the reality faced by 1.5 million people everyday here in the UK….and so many in our own community are facing the same problem…what can you do to help? Join in and sign up using the link below.

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