Stanmore Jafferys Delivers Unforgettable Weekend 

On Saturday 11th September, SJ Running hosted its first 10km event as part of Stanmore Jafferys’ third year of collaboration with World Federation Aid’s Ali Asghar Water Appeal. The event attracted 102 ladies from Stanmore, Hyderi (South London), Mombasa and Dubai who braved the unexpectedly warm September afternoon weather to complete 10km over hilly terrain.

The afternoon began with recitation of Ziyarat Ashura by Fatema Zahra Merali. The congregation were then given a heart rendering motivational address by Sabira Juma (Head of WF Marcomms) focussing on what the run/walk means against the backdrop of the tragedy of Karbala. We were also honoured to welcome Hujjat Chairlady, Nasima Karim, to say a few words alongside SJ Vice Chairlady, Gulshan Walji. In between each address, we had the pleasure of experiencing SJ Chairlady Samina Govani’s attempts at speaking Gujarati after an Instagram poll voted her for this task if we hit our fundraising target.  

As the ladies got ready to set off, the atmosphere was buzzing with unity, togetherness and determination towards the cause of helping to provide access to clean water for the people of Skardu, Pakistan and other WF Aid Water Projects. Following a warm up and stretch routine by Boxercise Instructor Mariam Datoo, each group of approx. 10 ladies departed the centre at 90 second intervals along a route dotted with enthusiastic marshal’s applauding and cheering the participants as they ran/walked by.

After just one hour, the first runner approached Hujjat having completed 10km at a good pace. Each time a runner/walker approached and entered the centre they were met with encouragement from their fellow sisters with participants applauding each other’s success and achievement.

On the night of Ashura, a gem in our community departed from this world to return back to our Lord. Marhuma Nishat Nathoo Dossa was a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunty and friend. Someone who inspired so many with her strength and positivity. Due to a generous donor, each participant received a medal engraved in Marhuma Nishat Dossa’s memory and many raised funds in her name.

We were honoured to have Marhuma’s family in attendance to hand out the medals alongside WF Assistant Secretary Ruqayya Datoo Nanjiani.

We would like to thank Sajeda Panju of Mint Memories (@mintbysajeda) and Fatema Zahra Panju for capturing memories of the day and creating video content as below.

Alhamdullilah, the event was a great success with community cohesion, togetherness and unity shining through and new bonds and friendships formed all in the name of Aba Abdillah.

We would like to thank all who have supported this campaign including sponsors, donors, runners, walkers and volunteers. A special thank you to Hujjat, World Federation and SJ Cycling for supporting and assisting us in turning this event around in just over 3 weeks from launch to event day.

While the ladies event took place on Saturday, the gents followed suit on Sunday with a remarkable 100km bike ride by over 130 riders ensuring SJ delivered an unforgettable weekend of sport. The teamwork between SJ Cycling (Gents) and SJ Running (Ladies) has been truly outstanding, clearly illustrating the unity and collaboration within the club’s sports departments.

The AAWA campaign has raised over £115,000! We will communicate the final total amount and the selected project allocation in due course.

Finally, please recite a Suratul Fateha for Marhuma Nishat Nathoo Dossa, Marhumeen of the Asharia and Dhanji families and all Marhumeen.

What did the participants have to say? 

“A big thank you to all the volunteers especially the SJ coordinators who put in an exceptional effort to make sure this event ran smoothly. We were reluctant to sign up for the 10km, but now having done it, we honestly really enjoyed ourselves. It was lovely to see people of all ages take part in this event. Truly blessed to be part of such a community with amazing, inspiring people. May Allah SWT bless you all abundantly. Jazakhallah” – Sajida 

“Today was a really great experience to bring the community together and do something active. I made a new friend too. Thank you to all the organisers for making this happen. May Allah reward you.” – Munira 

“A massive thank you to all the organisers, volunteers coordinators and the whole team! You guys made our day a fantastic one! Well done to everyone taking part as well – stellar effort mA – May the Almighty accept our small service in the way of the Ahlul Bayt (as) and count us amongst the zawwaar of Aba Abdillah (as)” – Taskeen

“What an awesome event! Thank you SJ running team for organising and a huge thank you to the lovely marshals cheering us on in the heat! You guys are awesome. Well done everyone, what a great way to inspire us to keep moving and prioritising our physical health and for a great cause. May Allah (swt) accept all our efforts.” – Karishma

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