Hazrat Ali Asghar Water Appeal 2021 – 11th & 12th September

100 ladies walking/running 10km
135 gents cycling 100km

Alhamdulillah, we walked, ran and cycled the distance of London to Skardu and back!

Over the course of one weekend, members were given the opportunity to partake in the AAWA (Ali Asghar Water Appeal) campaign, a collaboration event between Stanmore Jafferys (SJ) and World Federation Aid (WF Aid).
We saw participants of all ages globally from North America to Asia taking part in walking, running, riding and, in some cases, exceeding the distances set!

In the UK, members across different jamaats came together to walk and run through Stanmore and ride the streets of London doing the three palaces route starting and finishing at Hujjat Stanmore. The oneness, togetherness and community spirit shown by each participant was immense, a true testimony to the cause.

All of the participants were inspired and motivated to the cause set in the name of Imam Hussain and his baby infant son Ali Asghar (AS) who were martyred and denied water on the plains of Karbala over 1400 years ago. The aim was to raise funds for people around the world to have better access to water, a basic human right!

Through the collective community spirit shown, all participants helped one another in successfully completing their rides and runs safely, while collectively raising over £115,000 for this great cause. What better good deed is there than to bring water to those who need it the most?

The teamwork between SJ and WF Aid has been truly outstanding, clearly demonstrating the unity and collaboration within the various departments from fundraising to marketing, the hidden volunteers, sport heads and not forgetting British Cycling.

To end, this was a remarkable event that took place globally. It has been a true blessing to be involved in this great cause and a huge shout out to each and every member and participant. We are truly humbled and blessed with your support throughout this campaign and we thank the sponsors, supporters, donors and volunteers as well as Stanmore Jafferys Running, Stanmore Jafferys Cycling and WF Marcomms who have helped us throughout this journey!