In 2021, Stanmore Jafferys hosted its third flagship Ali Asghar Water Appeal (AAWA) Sportive, attracting more than 200 participants across the club. Through the phenomenal effort of all those that took part, a total of over £140,000 was raised to support WF-AID’s flagship appeal to bring life-changing sustainable WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) initiatives to those who are less fortunate than we are. The club is pleased to announce the completion of the 3 projects, share information and pictures about their impact and recap on the 2021 Sportive.


Skardu is a city located in Gilgit−Baltistan, Pakistan. Its locality within the mountainous region meant its residents were walking to a water filling station given the lack of a water supply pipeline or submersible pumps. Madinat Al-AhlulBayt is a residential complex on the outskirts of Skardu. This complex has specifically housed the most vulnerable amongst predominantly Shia families. There are currently over 250 families residing, with an additional 80 houses being built due to the increase in people needing to relocate, which will add to the water scarcity. Through the AAWA 2021 Sportive, a 28,000 litre water tank has been constructed that now facilitates clean water for the residents of the complex.


Funds raised through the AAWA 2021 sportive have been used to support the construction and installation of wells and borehole repairs across 4 major districts of Uganda (Sironko, Mbale, Butaleja and Budaka). Specifically, a total of 12 water wells were constructed and installed and in addition, a total of 40 boreholes have also been repaired. These water wells and boreholes are now enabling 5,200 individuals to access clean and sanitary water every day, with a number of 156,000 individuals benefiting every month.


In India, funds were spent supporting WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) projects in Kashmir and West Bengal in India, which has benefitted nearly 312 families. With the help of generous donations, proper washroom and submersible pump facilities for 34 villages across the Kashmir and West Bengal region have now been provided to improve sanitation and water facilities for hundreds of families.

Sportive 2021

As a sporting organisation our core focus is to ensure we provide sporting accessibility to all of our community members in a safe and enjoyable environment. As SJ running keeps expanding over time since our inception in 2020, we have seen an increase in participation from all ages and abilities.

While we are privileged to be able to indulge in all these sporting activities, we ought to be conscious of the world and the circumstances of people around us and what better way is there than to #givethroughsport. As our faith dictates, The Messenger of Allah (s) has said: “The earth on the Day of Resurrection will be scorching, except for the shadow of a believer, for verily his charity will serve him as shade”. As a charity initiative, we have always focused on the basic human requirement for clean water therefore all of our fundraising is specifically aligned to water, sanitary and hygiene based projects across the globe.

On September 11th 2021, SJ Running held it’s first Ali Asghar Water Appeal (AAWA) 10k walk/run for ladies attracting 102 participants. Starting and finishing at our beloved Hujjat Stanmore, this challenging 10k on an unusually hot September afternoon displayed perseverance, unity, sisterhood and determination and we are incredibly proud of the ladies that took part.  

With the help of all key parties within our community from volunteers, community leaders, sponsors and donors we managed to yet again deliver a successful major event whilst making a difference together.

This year, we look forward to and welcome you to take part once again with us to raise funds through the Richmond Half Marathon and the 10k walk/run from Hujjat Stanmore and #makeadifferencetogether by #givingthroughsport.