On Saturday 21st August, 18 of our SJ ladies coordinators took part in receiving their first aid certification.
The course had content online for the ladies to cover in their own time as well as an in person session covering a number of components of basic life support as well as some injury specific first aid.

This included:
-Covering the DR ABC approach to assessing a collapsed individual
-How to place someone in the recovery position
-Using epipens
-How to apply bandages

Here is what some of our ladies said about the course:

“The first aid course was both fun and really informative, it covered way more than any first aid course I’ve been on before. The course taught both the theory and practical side to first aid and we were each assessed individually to ensure we could complete each part with confidence; they even managed to make the assesments a fun game!”

“The training went so well Alhamd! He explained everything so well and was actually sad when it had finished, thought it was really good that most of it was online as well and we could do it at our own pace.”

“The home first aid training was pretty informative and it got us talking as a family as to the different scenarios we could face. The 1-2-1 teaching was absolutely brilliant. The instructor was very good at teaching and assessing with the practical and theory coming together nicely. Highly recommend all to do!”