Women’s FA Cup Final 2021 – Arsenal vs Chelsea 

5th December 

The countdown had begun, the ladies FA cup final was due to commence in one hour, fans came in large swarms of blue and red rooting for their teams, Arsenal and Chelsea at Wembley stadium. We quickly marched up to our section, and as we walked into the stands, we were mesmerized by the bright green pitch and the polished red seats illuminated by the enormous floodlights. We quickly sat down in our seats. The crowd erupted with a cheer as the whistle blew and the game began.

The incredible female athletes played skillfully on the pitch and within the first few minutes Chelsea scored an incredible goal! The atmosphere became electric, the crowd erupted in triumph and a sea of blue flags could be seen amongst the entire stadium! The enormous screens flashed with delight whilst a sea of celebration occurred on the pitch!

The final score was 3-0 to Chelsea. The women played exceptionally, there was a final celebration upon receiving their medals and trophy with an explosion of fireworks, gold and silver raining down on the players onto the pitch.

It was Layla’s (age 6) first time at a football match let alone an FA Cup final. We were glued to our seats watching in awe! We were incredibly impressed with the atmosphere in the stadium and the level of skill the ladies played at. Not only was this inspiring, but also moving to see people come together and celebrate women’s achievements! We will be returning year upon year! Thank you SJ for this incredible opportunity and to the amazing volunteers that made it happen!

-Fatima Datoo