Women’s FA Cup Final 2022 – Chelsea vs Manchester City
Sunday 15th May

SJ were blessed once again with the opportunity to take our ladies and girls to the FA Cup final at none other than Wembley Stadium. We all travelled together on the tube in excitement, eager to reach there on time. We made it there just in the nick of time, and we were welcomed with fireworks and sparklers as the teams came onto the pitch, with the crowd roaring in excitement. The stadium was filled with a record breaking crowd of 49,094 people, and we could not wait for the next 90 minutes which awaited us.

After a nail biting game, a goal scored by City in the 89th minute, meant that it was left at 2-2 after the game. Then came extra time. Both teams played immensely, however Chelsea scored during extra time, which meant that they took the title making it their fourth.

We cannot wait for the next time that we are able to give our ladies and girls this opportunity again!