1st October 2022 showcased the return of MAMT for the U16 girls in Birmingham. A warm Saturday with lots of promise of nail biting games and great food was awaiting participants from various Jamaats.

All the girls showed amazing sportsmanship, akhlaq and competitive spirit and the matches were fast paced with some excellent goals/shots scored in all games. The girls demonstrated great team play and development cementing the fact that the pandemic has not deterred their sporting spirit at all! Alhamdullilah, Stanmore brought home wins across the board as follows: 

Football 7-9: Stanmore Leopards; Runners Up: Stanmore Cheetahs (2-0)

Football 10-12: Stanmore Pumas; Runners Up: Masoomin Fusion 313 (1-0)

Football 13-15: Stanmore Lions; Runners Up: Masoomin Royals (1-0)

Netball 10-12: Stanmore Sapphires; Runners Up: Masoomin Warriors (15-1) 

Netball 13-15: Stanmore Pearls; Runners Up: Masoomin Blaze (13-10)

The tournament was played in great spirit with everyone enjoying themselves, making new friendships both adults and children alike. A much-needed community bonding session after a difficult 2 years.

We would like to thank COEJ and Masoomin Sports Club (Birmingham) for putting a great event together for the girls. Thank you to our coaches; Asiya, Benazir, Fatma, Fi and Mary for coaching the girls with enthusiasm and passion not only for MAMT but throughout the year.

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