Though at times reaching a participation figure of up to 90 people, unfortunately the constitutional basis that 20% of the membership must be present to quorate an AGM meant Friday 11 December’s meeting was transformed instead into a discussion. A swelling membership count of around 1,300 – one to indeed rival some of the largest jamaats in the world – is not to be scoffed at. However, it does encapsulate the continued need for participation and support that we so eagerly covet from our membership, supporters and sponsors.

Given the rampage COVID19 has had on many of our professional and social calendars, it was gladdening to see the surplus in both divisions of the Stanmore Jaffery Treasury Reports. We were still able to take stock of the fantastic achievements of both male and female teams at the Unity Games in Dubai, setting benchmarks as a charter standard club with the FA and British Cycling, as well as prioritising non-sporting areas of the club. We were also delighted to see the inception and formation of an SJ Running Club, fronted by the youthful, Ali Momin, that has been able to hold regular sessions amidst the COVID environment. The most remarkable delivery of the year was spearheaded by SJ Cycling with the AAWA sportive, raising over £100,000 alongside their ladies counterparts. Furthermore, we were able to further harness the areas of administration, compliance, product & service, marketing and external-relationships.

As the organisation experiences continued growth, there becomes the need to consider its structure and legal positioning. Based on the mandate provided at the 2016 EGM, we will be looking to transition into a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) in 2021. In order to oversee a seamless transition of the structural entity process, it was proposed that Shafique Govani stay on as Chairman, with a view to handing over the reins to Shaneabbas Merali once the new structure journey is complete. Below is the elected team for the next term:

Chairman – Shafique Govani

Vice Chairman – Shaneabbas Merali

Secretary – Qayam Kassamali

Asst. Secretary – Maisam Datoo

Treasurer – Mustafa Daya

Asst .Treasurer – Saheel Walji

Committee Member – Wasim Fazel

Committee Member – Tauseef Kanji

The Ladies club enjoyed notable successes in Dubai’s Unity Games and have used the Covid-19 lull to revamp their website – The proposed electoral team for SJ Ladies term 2021 -2023 is as below:

Chairlady: Samina Merali Govani

Vice Chairlady: Gulshan Walji

Secretary: Sabiha Chagpar

Asst. Secretary: Fatemah D Rajabali

Treasurer: Fatema Zahra Allidina

Asst. Treasurer: Burayha Lalji

It would be a remiss to not mention the especially smooth delivery of Friday’s meeting through the online platform, Zoom. As we continue our technological advances within the straitened circumstances we face, it was especially warming to see how adaptable we have all become. Whilst we miss the connections of social interaction, our volunteering corps continues to rise and stands currently at an outstanding 125 core volunteers.  Despite the lack of activity, it cannot be stressed enough how integral volunteering is to the combined effort, how much participation is appreciated and how we can’t wait to get back into the thick of it.