SJ Running is pleased to announce a special deal for the SJ membership with Runners World.

Our members can benefit from a Gait Analysis (a way of determining which running shoe is best suited to your running style). This analysis will enable Runners World to propose suitable running shoes to suit your gait.

If you decide to purchase the proposed shoes, you will receive 10% off the price and the gait analysis will be FREE.

If you do not proceed with the proposed shoe purchase, the charge for the gait analysis will be £15.


  • Deal only available at the Runners World Eastcote Branch
  • The SJ membership must be up-to-date for 2021
  • You need to show Runners World proof of your membership.
    • SJ Gents – the new membership platform gives you an electronic membership card.
    • SJ Ladies – Members will receive an email confirming their membership.

At SJ HQ it is our aim to increase the benefits for our members over and above the sports activities.  Our Rewards Team is working actively on negotiating more deals for the membership which can be unlocked for all SJ paid members.   

For all SJ membership Rewards, please visit: