The Great Netball Play-Offs

SJ Netball hosted the exciting and competitive tournament ‘The Great Netball PlayOffs’ on 12th February 2019. It took place at St Helens School, with a total of 37 ladies taking part.

Five teams were randomly created based on preference of position to make the tournament fair and fun. Each team played four matches, which were then followed by semi-finals and finals.

The tournament was great fun and brought together talent and ability of all levels. The games were challenging all the way through, with intense competition. The ladies socialised over chai and snacks that evening but still brought their game face on court.

However in the end there could only be one winning team!

Nail biting games and gripping play kept the ladies on their feet for the whole evening and eventually the Light Blues emerged as the runners up, and Navy Blues took the win! Amazing play from both teams.

Well done to everyone who took part! As always, SJ showed great solidarity and everyone was in high spirits! The atmosphere was buzzing, with friends meeting and having a social at the same time. Overall, the evening catered for everyone looking for either just fun, friendly or competitive games!