What SunFun has done for me – Yasmin Chagpar

As a young girl I was continuously inspired by our father who used to live an active lifestyle and keep a healthy diet. This led me to take part in a 22km charity walk at the age of 15 d from there on I have always been conscious about what I ate and how much I exercised. Around two years ago, I started taking part in a 15km midnight walk until a knew injury meant I struggled to continue. My activity levels then dropped and it was only last year that my daughter encouraged me to get back on my feet and join the SunFunRun which is where a community of runners/walkers get together and take part in a group activity. It was there where I met our coach, Shama. Through her inspiration and motivation, she encouraged everyone to keep active no matter what your age.

It was from this that I pushed myself to do more and as well as walking from Najaf to Karbala during Arbaeen, I also just participated in the 10k Cancer Research Race for Life walk raising money for the charity.

Taking part in all f these events over time has improved my health and has given me the ability to volunteer and give time to my community. I would urge everyone, young or old to keep fit and lead an active lifestyle so that you have good health and use it to contribute back to our society.