SJ Netball & SJ Volleyball 5-in-15 Challenge Update 

The 5-in-15 Challenge began on Thursday 1st April and consists of a new challenge every 3 days that participants need to try to beat with amazing prizes courtesy of our fab sponsors! 


Here are the results of the challenge so far: 

Challenge 1: Longest Wall Sit 

Winner: Fatema Asharia (5 minutes & 31 seconds)

Prize: A treat box from Tyza cakes (Instagram: @tyzacakes) which included 6 cupcakes, themed cookies and truffles


Challenge 2: Longest Plank

Winner: Zainab Sumar (5 minutes & 11 seconds)

Prize: a set of three Oud Hand Sanitisers and two Oud Anti-Bac Sprays, donated by Zamais Creations (Instagram: @ooh_lala_polish)


Challenge 3: Most skips in 3 minutes 

Winner: Abida Jaffer 

Prize: a £20 premium seafood voucher at Paradise Seafood (Instagram: @paradiseseafood)


Challenge 4  is currently underway with the winner set to receive one of each product from the scrumptious Safeerah (Instagram: 

There’s still time to join in for the final two challenges! 

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