7,200km for £72,000

Stanmore Jafferys, in partnership with WF-Aid, are pleased to announce the launch of our annual Ali Asghar Water Appeal Sportive 2023. Now in its 4th year and supporting a range of a life changing water solutions for families, this year’s appeal aims to bring the community together on Saturday 19 August 2023 at Hujjat Stanmore.


SJ AAWA Sportive 2023

This year’s sportive will be centered around a single day, Saturday 19 August 2023 at Hujjat Stanmore where we are inviting everyone in the community to help us complete 7,200 km of walking or cycling (gents only) to raise £72,000 for vital water projects in Gaza, Tanzania and Pakistan. As part of the sportive the below activity is available for individuals and families to sign up for:

Walkathon (open to all) – we invite individuals and families to sign up for our Walkathon. The Walkathon invites individuals and families to complete a 5km walk around the perimeter of the Rugby Car Park. Mokibs will be stationed during the walk, offering the chance to learn more about the projects that we are supporting, listen to azadari, serve niyaz and remind ourselves why our hearts yearn during these months.

To sign up for this event, please click the button below:

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To Donate

As part of registering for the event we encourage families and individuals to donate or set up their own fundraising pages to support our campaign.  To donate to the campaign please click on the button below:

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To set up your own page linked to the overall fundraising page please head over to the fundraising page above and click on “Raise Money” to set up your and your families fundraising page.


The Projects

This year’s fundraising campaign will support 3 vital projects in Gaza, Tanzania and Pakistan.

  • Gaza – Beit Lahia, near the Israeli border, lacks infrastructure and local support, making access to clean water difficult. Poverty, limited resources, and low incomes have led to water scarcity and health issues, especially among children. 97% of the water in Gaza is unsafe, which has resulted in diseases like cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid, and polio. The aid project involves obtaining a water truck and 200 water tanks. The main goal is to help 200 families, around 1,400individuals, daily. This includes 60 orphans and 40 widows, who will directly benefit. The project will produce 780,000 liters of water per month and will help solve the need for water in North Gaza.


  • Tanzania (Tanga Region) – Maramba, a Ward in Mkinga District (Tanga Region), primarily consists of peasant farmers earning less than $2 per day, with the majority being Muslims. Economic development in the area has been neglected, and the quality of education provided by the State is below standard. To address the water needs of the community, five borewells are proposed, which will benefit 20,000 people by producing a minimum of 20,000 liters of water per day.


  • Pakistan – donations will support the construction of 8 washrooms in the impoverished areas of Punjab and KPK provinces. Most of these districts lack adequate facilities or have existing facilities in extremely poor condition. On average, each washroom benefits approximately 10 to 15 individuals in a combined family system. This will not only help solve the sanitation and hygiene issue in the district, but also help provide safe facilities for women and children.


Past Projects

The 2023 edition of the AAWA Sportive builds on the huge generosity and support of our members. Over the last 3 years your support has enabled us to raise in excess of £300,000 and use the platform we have been blessed with to improve the lives of others. More information on our past projects can be found on our website:

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2021 – Ali Asghar Water Appeal 2021 – Completion of projects

2020 – SJ water project supports 20,000 beneficiaries a month