With events spanning over 4 weeks and encompassing over 300 participants, this year’s AAWA (Ali Asghar Water Appeal) was SJ’s widest reaching campaign to date. In collaboration with Hyderi Nisa Sports and Balsall Heath Cycling Club, five events took place including Ladies Cycling, Gents Cycling, 10K Walk/Run from Hujjat Stanmore and Hyderi Islamic Centre and finally, the Half Marathon.

Each event was filled with community spirit and togetherness but most of all a willingness to give and raise for the cause which this year was to build a solar powered saline water desalination plant in the remote area of Nzavoni, Kenya to provide 2000 litres per hour of clean drinking water to over 350 families who currently walk more than 10k to access water. We are grateful to World Federation Aid for once again being given the wonderful opportunity to raise funds for this valuable cause. Alhamdullilah, through the collective efforts of all involved, we managed to raise and exceed our £72,000 target.

From an SJ Ladies perspective, we held two events – the 10k walk/run on 27th August (with 120 participants) and the Half Marathon on 11th September (with 7 ladies running). Alhamdullilah, both events were a great success with community cohesion, togetherness and unity shining through and new bonds and friendships formed all in the name of Aba Abdillah.

Our thanks go to:

World Federation Aid for enabling us to be a part of such a worthwhile initiative

Hyderi Nisa Sports and Balsall Heath Cycling Club for facilitating events in their local areas for ladies to take part and walk/run/cycle for AAWA

Hujjat Stanmore for enabling us to host our 10k event at the centre and for continuing to support Stanmore Jafferys in our endeavours

Sabira Bai Juma (WF) and Nasima Bai Karim (Hujjat Chairlady) for making time to come and present medals to the participants

Our sponsors, Tender Care Day Nursery for giving us the backing to be able to run the event for the staggering number of participants we had

Our running coordinators, Khudayja Datoo-Jaffer and Tarannam Khaku for their dedication to organising the events and training the half marathon participants

All of the many volunteers behind the scenes and on the day (including our fantastic marshals and medics) who contributed to ensuring the events ran smoothly and the atmosphere was uplifting and motivational

Our photographers, Kaneez Hisbani (@kaaneeeeziiee) and Fatema Merali (@fatema.2406) for capturing the priceless memories we will treasure

FZA catering for the lovely meal that greeted the participants on their return from the 10k

The SJ Gents HQ, Cycling and Running teams for their unwavering support in the lead up to and on the day of both events whether it was arriving at 7am to help us manage parking and logistics for the 10k or taking the reins at such short notice in reorganising the Half Marathon following Richmond’s postponement and guiding us through the morning

Finally, to each and every donor and participant who contributed to AAWA 2022. We look forward to seeing you again next year Insha Allah!

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What did the participants have to say? 

“I had a wonderful time, thank you to all that made today possible. YOU are all amazing and it’s a privilege to be a part of such an inspirational community. Mashallah” – Irum

” Thank you so much for such an amazing day! Was so lovely to see new faces and make friends. It was very well organised and a big shoutout to all the volunteers cheering along the way well done to everyone !!!” – Fatima 

” Thank you to every member of SJ who put in so much effort for our comfort to walk. Every step taken was worth the effort with all your support.
We were also stopped by a well wisher who really was inspired by our uniformity and asked us lots of questions regards to where the walk started and how long is the walk? Who are the organisers? How many are involved?
He was very encouraging so hats off to you ladies for making this event a success and making the public aware of the great cause. May Allah reward each one of you for your hard work . Keep up the team spirit” 
– Naushina