Stanmore Jafferys Cycling are pleased to hold our annual flagship event, the Ali Asghar Water Appeal Sportive, on Sunday 13th September 2020

Starting at the heart of Stanmore, at our Hujjat Islamic Center, the sportive will take riders on a truly unforgettable journey through Surrey to the iconic Windsor Castle and ending back at the Hujjat Islamic Center

Our primary purpose is geared towards making this world a better place through our love for cycling. There is no better way to making a difference together than to help raise funds for WF-AID’s life changing projects through your donations and fundraising

Over 40 ladies have registered in the UK and across the globe for this 41 mile ride to help bring clean drinking water and change the lives of those less fortunate then us. Please donate as much or as little as you can using the link above

All funds collected as part of this campaign will be dedicated to a desalination water plant coupled with a complex water pump system, based in the village of Izbat Beit Hanoun on the northern edge of the Gaza strip

This project has been selected due to its significant impact upon the beneficiaries, where there is a severe shortage of clean drinking water in the village and the surrounding vicinity due to the repeated aggressions on water sources and due the increased population in the Palestinian areas – thus leading to an exponential surge in water borne diseases and ill health amongst the population

We are truly humbled and grateful for your generous contribution and  we pray to Allah to multiply your givings through his infinite mercy

#makingadifferencetogether #drinkwaterthinkHusayn

SJ Cycling and WF-AID