Saturday 28th September

Stanmore Jafferys U9 vs Hendon Girls U9: 0-1

Hanwell Town U9 vs Stanmore Jafferys U9: 1-0

Match Report

Squad: Isha Fatima Chandoo, Sumayyah Datoo, Saamiya Bhimani, Ayaana Alimohamed, Zahra Gulamhussein, Zahra Janmohamed, Sakina Moosa, Nabeelah Versi

A bright and early start for the eager SJ U9 Girls as they showed up early for their debut game at Rectory Park. However, the game play followed a different format for the girls this fine crisp morning. 
Of the 4 teams scheduled to play that morning in the U9 tier; 1 team was a no show so it was decided in order to avoid disappointment for the team that showed up with no opposition that all remaining 3 teams would do a 3 way game of 15 mins each.
The whistle blew and SJ Girls got off to a shaky start against the little but skilful talent of the Hendon U9 Girls. However, they composed themselves within minutes and both teams had even shots on goal for most of the game with the Hendon Girls scoring a goal after a saved ball fell out of the goalie’s hands. Unlucky for us but well capitalised on Hendons part with that game ending 1-0 to Hendon.
The second 15 minutes against Hanwell Youth U9 brought more excitement as SJ Girls were better prepared and kept the defence tight. An attempt from Saamiya that hit the crossbar and one from Zahra G and Nabeelah that were comfortably collected by the goalkeeper denied SJ Girls a lead. Hanwell caught a loose ball in the last few minutes and managed to tuck one in before the whistle blew to make 1-0 to Hanwell. 
A great effort from SJ Girls for their first league game. The enthusiasm and excitement was contagious and the girls are looking forward to their next game in 2 weeks.