On 15th September, we held a football workshop for our Junior Young Leaders run by the FA. This popular workshop demonstrates what an all-round footballer should have and was fun and interactive and a great learning curve for our upcoming footballers.

The workshop was attended by 14 girls aged 12 and over. All girls got a course pack and had classroom activities followed by active learning on the pitch where they were taught how to select teams, assist a football activity session and referee matches.

The girls had a great time and provided us with the following feedback:

“My name is Saarah Teja and I play SJ football at Northwood Academy on Sundays. I thoroughly enjoy playing and look forward to the Sunday games. We were fortunate to have a workshop organised for us. Craig, who is an FA coach gave us a lot of valuable insight into the game of football. We were divided into groups and asked to devise our own warm up routine and then took turns trying each groups technique. Craig, spoke to us about how to work together in a team, team spirit and the importance of sportsmanship.  We learnt a lot about refereeing and when to issue a yellow card!! I think I can speak on behalf of all the girls present there that we gained a lot of in depth knowledge about the game of football”

Saarah Teja – Stanmore

“In mid-September, I took part in the Junior football Award with Stanmore Jafferys. I felt welcomed and I got to know the girls a lot better. During the course, we learnt different refereeing skills, had chances to referee matches and different training lessons that we could teach;overall, it was a great experience, improving my leadership skills. I would definitely recommend going on this course for people my age as it equips you with a qualification for the future. In order to complete the course, I taught a session with the U9 girls at Hyderi, which allowed me to apply the plethora of skills I had learnt. Thank you to SJ for both the invite and experience.”

Sakina Ladha – Hyderi


See work shop brief below:

Developing leadership within the game and beyond

The FA Junior Football Leaders Award, awarded by FA Education, provides a basic introduction to the leadership skills required when involved in football.

The course introduces 4 areas: Assisting football activity sessions, an introduction to refereeing, helping with a team and different football events.

In addition to these areas, Respect, promoting and developing the game are embedded.

Block 1 – Introduction to the course How to get involved in Football Getting involved and helping those involved to ‘get better’

Block 2 – Assisting football activity sessions Creating a safe learning environment Organising games Introduction to the basics of FUNdamentals

Block 3 – An introduction to refereeing Preparing to referee Whistle techniques and introduction to Ball In, Ball Out Safety of the players and re-starts to the game

Block 4 – Helping with a team Preparing for the game Warm-up prior to the game Organising and managing players expectations

Block 5 Different Football Events An introduction to three different formats of competition Using these in a practical setting