Stanmore Jafferys and Al-Haadi Youth are excited to invite you to take part in…

Dahwul Ardh: Walk and Clean the Earth

On 25th Zilqad, land rose above the water (with which the earth was covered), beginning from the Kaaba. Dahwul Ardh is celebrated as the day when Allah (SWT) transformed the Earth into a planet that could sustain advanced life.

“As for the earth, He spread it out…” (79:30)

“It is He who has appointed you as caretakers on the earth.” (6:165)

To mark this special day, why not use your daily form of exercise to help fulfil our responsibilities as caretakers of the earth, and clean this beautiful land we live on. If you are doing this with your families, we will also send you a Quranic nature-based scavenger hunt to go on with your children!

What is it?

The Dahwul Ardh Walk and Clean the Earth will take place on Sunday 2nd of June. We do know it is half-term, so feel free to do it on any other day this week too! It is suitable for all ages so that ANYONE (go on your own, walk with a friend or take parents and kids along!) can grab some gloves or a rubbish picker, go for a 2.5k or 5k walk, and pick up any rubbish you see along the way. 

How does it work?

If you would like to take part, please sign up using the link below. Only one form needs to be completed per household. Upon signing up, you will receive a list of items to search for, which can all be found outside of the house. We hope that it will be a very enjoyable and fruitful outing, beneficial to all members of the family.

During your Dahwul Ardh Walk and Clean the Earth, please feel free to take lots of photos and tag us at @Stanmorejafferysladies @StanmoreJafferys or @alhaadiyouth and using the hashtag #dahwulardhwalkandclean