On 30th October a group of SJ girls and ladies went to watch the Fast 5 All-Stars Netball Tournament at the Copper Box Arena, at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

My friends and I travelled by train, and I didn’t know what to expect once we arrived, but by the end of the tournament, I was very invested in all of the teams and matches. We’ve all played netball with SJ for a long time, so we were interested to see how they played.

Personally, I knew the Saracens Mavericks would be the side I would be supporting throughout the tournament, and as soon as I watched them play, and judging by the sound of the audience every time they scored, many people agreed. They were very good players and their team seemed to work together very well.  There were eight teams competing from many different places, from the Leeds Rhinos to Manchester Thunder and Loughborough Lightning.

There was a golden buzzer that, when pressed, the team was given a short power play during which their points for that goal would be doubled if they scored. Each time the buzzer was pressed each team stepped up and worked even harder, adding to the action and excitement of the game by increasing the pressure on them to score.

The Saracens Mavericks and Team Bath ultimately managed to reach the finals, and after a series of fast paced and intense games; everyone was very focused as we waited to see who would succeed (my friends and I were supporting the Saracens Mavericks). After an extremely close game Team Bath triumphed with a score of 23-17.

This was a great experience and I hope we can do something similar again soon!

Written by Aamena Dhanji