On Sunday 17th November, 70 SJ girls and ladies headed to leafy Croydon for the 2nd Hyderi Nisa Sports Badminton Tournament

The day started early  with everyone arriving at 9am with sleepy but excited faces looking forward to a full day of fixtures. The morning consisted of the opening ceremony, followed by the round robin with the knockout stages in the afternoon  The games were all tense with plenty of close calls and deciding points    While the sports hall was witness to the physical skill of our players, the squash courts saw a Scrabble tournament for Under 16 and Over 16 categories. Timed games with nail biting knockouts. Between the screams and the cheers the room was loud and filled with smiles    The closing ceremony saw participants receive gifts for prizes such as the best dressed pair which went to Sagira Jetha and Sajidah (Bruno) Khimji, bubbliest pair – Tarannam Khaku and Safiya Merali and best cheerleader – Reshma Virji-Hussain  

But the best prizes were the trophies, the following trophies went to Stanmore:


U16: Runner Up: Hawra Datoo Winner: Zahra Rajwani

7-9 years:

Winners: Zainab Muraj and Saamiya Bhimani 


10-12 years:

Runners Up: Zahra Muraj and Aliyah Kanji

Winners: Zahra Rajwani and Laila Jeganathan 

13-15 years:

Runners Up: Aamena Merali and Aasiyah Alloo

Winners: Saman Khaku and Ameera Haji   


Gold tier 2:

Winners: Benazir Merali and Shaheen Siwji  


Gold tier 1:

Winners: Sakina Merali and Zahrah Alibhai  


Platinum tier 2:

Winners: Fatim Visram and Shamma Janmohamed   


Platinum tier 1:

Runners up : Fatema Merali and Fehmida Bhimji

Winners:  Shafana Muraj and Sakina Chandoo  

Well done to everyone who participated! The level of play is incredible and evident as Stanmore won 7 out of 8 badminton categories. Let’s continue to bring them home to Stanmore!

Thank you to Hyderi Nisa Sports for being fantastic hosts and building great cross Jamaat bonds