Winter. Dark. Holidays finished. Cold.

All these words are commonly associated with January. All that Christmas buzz has disappeared and it’s back to school / uni / work!

Even though the concept of New Years resolutions are extremely common, usually people tend not to follow them through.
This is one of the reasons why we brought back the January Challenge! The aim of this challenge was to motivate the community to follow through with their New Year fitness goals/resolutions and get into the consistent habit of being active.

After the success of last year, we hoped that we would attract a similar number of participants, but Alhamdulillah we exceeded that this year by having 77 incredible ladies taking part!

Upon sign up, each participant could set their own individual goal for the month, whether that was mileage target, 10k steps a day or 20 mins of walk a day. Everyone’s goal was different; tailored to be a challenge for them.

Half way through the month, each participant was reminded of their goal as a form of reflection so that they could assess whether they were on the right track, or whether they needed some fine tuning.

The running coordinators, Kayla Black and Tarannam Khaku went above and beyond, by organising weekly walks/runs in Watford and Pinner respectively. These brought ladies together and lots of new friendships were formed in this way.

A WhatsApp group was created in which the running coordinators ensured that daily reminders were sent everyday without fail to remind people to get moving! Once the group was set up, it was active (mind the pun!) as tips were shared amongst ladies such as meal prep ideas, as well people sharing their goals and what they want to achieve during the course of the challenge!

We look forward to holding more challenges like this for you all in the future insha Allah. Please let us know if you have any ideas! Thank you for all your continued support.