SJ Netball League Autumn Round-Up 

SJ Ladies have had a fantastic season participating in the “I Heart Netball League” from September to November 2021. Monday evenings in the bitter cold, heavy rain and gusty winds were no match for the SJ Ladies Netball team. Our brave players would battle fiercely amongst tough opposition. Despite getting off to a tough start, the ladies would rock up weekly with smiles beaming from their faces, ready for the next challenge. The team spirit and competitiveness shone through as matches went on with their most significant victory being 21-10 against West Stars.

There were many highlights from the season, and this is what some of our ladies had to say:
“My personal highlight was seeing my fellow sisters get their game faces on and rise up to each challenge”

“It’s such a wonderful opportunity that SJ have given us. To be able to play competitive Netball with an external league”

“What I loved the most, was seeing our squad improve week upon week. We really gelled as we played more and more together”

The league ended with an incredible “Wildcard Tournament” with six teams participating. Before every game a wild card was selected, and the game had to be played in a specific way according to what was written on the card. Some examples were that we would be only being allowed to walk during the entire game, and in another instance, we had to play with a tennis ball instead of a netball!

Following a successful start, much work is left to be done, and with the incredible attitude our brilliant ladies have, the sky is the limit. We look forward to more incredible results in the new league season beginning in January 2022!

Autumn Results