To celebrate mother’s day in the UK, SJ put on mother & daughter netball and boxercise sessions to encourage mums and daughters to bond over sport and friendly competition:



On a rainy Tuesday night, SJ Netball celebrated Mothers Day by holding our second “Mothers and Daughters” Netball session.

Regardless of the cold weather, there was such a warm atmosphere as mums and daughters signed up to play with each other and against each other!

The evening started with some friendly matches which were then followed by a mini-tournament where the mums and daughters played in one team against the others.

All played fiercely and fairly with lots of exciting moments.

Unfortunately they didn’t win this time but their daughters and SJ showed their gratitude for their mums participation, by all the mums receiving gifts at the end of the session.

A brilliant last session before we break for Shahr Ramadhan.



In light of Mothers Day, the fitness coordinators wanted to hold a special Mothers and Daughters Box and Flex session with Mariam Datoo.

This was such a brilliant opportunity for mums to bond with their daughters in a different – yet fun way.

The evening started off with some stretches, followed by a variety of exercises, which included ones targeting core strength, as well as of course – boxing! It was really entertaining to see mothers and daughters let off some steam, as well as having a good time doing it!

Before the session, we asked participants to dress creatively as a mother and daughter duo, therefore we had a couple of matching pairs, but the best dressed pair was awarded to Shaheera and Ayaana Alimohammed who had awesome matching Adidas tops!

The session ended with each pair receiving a small treat from SJ, as it was the final session before Shahr Ramadhan!