Rumbling tummies, on-going lethargy, beckoning sleep… getting your daily steps in is probably one of the last things on your mind whilst fasting. If only there was a source of motivation… well, there is!

SJ Ladies launched ‘Ramadhan Buddies’ to support consistent activity in this holy month when fitness agendas often take a backseat. The participating women were paired up with a buddy according to location and were encouraged to set up a walking (or running!) date regularly at their own convenience. No competition, no pressure to perform – just good ol’ supportive sisterhood!

We know just how laborious exercise can be when we’re hungry or even after breaking the fast. But there are still activities one can do around the month to get moving – low intensity cardio such as walking is your friend! That, coupled with a buddy who can motivate you and go on walks with you seemed like the perfect way to create a system of support and accountability.

The participants provided some fantastic feedback saying that they made a new friend, felt motivated and encouraged, and managed to go on walks together regularly throughout the month of Ramadhan, Alhamdulillah.

Kudos to these ladies for being fantastic Ramadhan Buddies!