We pray you are all having spiritually uplifting days and nights during this blessed Shahr Ramadhan. During these nights of divinity and power, we request you to remember the entire SJ team in your duas as we remember you all as well.

It has been a busy month for us here at SJ HQ as we shift through the gears and gather pace in the restructure of our organisation ensuring that we are fit for purpose, ensuring longevity as well as alignment to our parent organisation, KSIMC of London.

This work commenced in earnest in November 2020 with the first shura earlier this year. Subsequently, the task force has undertaken various consultations before presenting its first round of recommendations. The recommendations have been undergoing the feedback process and we are grateful to all the members submitting comments and feedback.

The public consultation is now closed as per Friday 30 April 2021. Whilst the public consultation was ongoing, SJ HQ conducted a number of focus groups and discussions with various stakeholders. We have collated the feedback from these sessions and this will be submitted to the task force.

We would like to acknowledge the positive support and engagement on this journey, where the significant majority are supportive of the new proposed structure.

It is heartening indeed to witness the membership’s support towards the tremendous work undertaken by the task force with depth and deliberation and with the aim of balancing the club’s requirements across its segments.

Furthermore, this new arrangement formalises the relationship with our parent organisation and we firmly feel that this is the right way forward for the club.

The task force will now review the consultation feedback with the aim of presenting SJ HQ with their revised recommendations as appropriate. SJ HQ will then invite the membership for another round of open shura with the aim of sharing the recommendations with the members. This will enable SJ HQ and the membership to engage further on this important journey.

The Shura will be held as follows:

• Date: Friday 7th May
• Time: 22.00
• Format: Online
• Sign-Up Link: SIGN UP HERE

We are looking forward to your participation.