Walking/Running Virtual Mentoring Update

Towards the end of January 2021, Stanmore Jafferys launched the Running Virtual Mentoring Scheme. Alhamdullilah we had great uptake and our running coordinators have each had 2-3 individuals to mentor over the last 4 weeks guiding and encouraging them to achieve their fitness goals be that transitioning from walking to jogging or simply finding the motivation to go out during the winter months.

Mentors also carried out are for 1-2-1 runs for mentees in their local area in line with Covid-19 exercise regulations. 
Here are some words from two of mentees who have progressed incredibly and we could not be prouder! 

“To be completely honest with you all, when I signed up for the mentorship program it was in a moment of energetic insanity.  After sending off the form, I had many regrets, yet a large part of me didn’t think I’d actually get a place and be assigned a mentor. 
One month and many jogging sessions later, I am over the moon! Jogging has always been something I have struggled with since a young age. Never have I enjoyed it, nor participated in runs willingly. It turns out there is a right way to run and jog, and all it took for me to learn the method was my incredible mentor showing me the way during our first session. I now thoroughly look forward to my weekly runs with her and happily drag my husband out twice a week to join me on my jog around the park. I still don’t go out for very long on my own, but those 10mins spent jogging outside are still better than the 10mins I would have spent on the couch! 
I made a promise to myself to start small, so I would enjoy the sport rather than begin to resent it. And one month later I’m still jogging and still smiling…so I judge this as a success! I will always be indebted to the SJ mentorship programme for enabling me to prove to myself that… I really can do it. :)”  – Fatimah 

“I joined ladies running mentoring 4 weeks ago and have found in extremely beneficial. I really needed the push and found this to be the perfect addiction to get me back into running. My aim was to reach up to 5k which I achieved in 2 weeks but to my delight I managed double that to 10k during the forth week! I didn’t know what to expect when first joining and didn’t think it would be as beneficial as it has been , I have really enjoyed the company of Sakina and found her to be extremely inspirational and motivating even at the coldest times! 
I hope to continue running with SJ weekly groups and am grateful to SJ for coordinating this. Would highly recommend ladies to join”  – Sukaina Waljee

We hope you have taken as much inspiration from these stories as we have and we look forward to see you joining a growing SJ Running group!