SJ hosted their annual volunteers dinner on 13th December and this year it was held at none other than Toros Steakhouse in Harrow!

The aim of this dinner is to acknowledge and appreciate our amazing volunteers who dedicate so much time throughout the year coordinating the sports that they do. Ultimately, they are the reason as to why SJ is thriving!

Upon arrival, volunteers were welcomed with a stunning sign made by Sumaiya Meghjee (@calligraphy_creations)

The evening saw talks from Sabiha Chagpar, Samina Govani, and Safia Tharoo who each said a few words of appreciation to the volunteers.

As starters were being served, a quiz was played where people were split into 2 teams and questions were all about the year that SJ has just had, such as dates of tournaments, which new sports were launched etc.

Thereafter, everyone was served their main meal, and they got to choose between chicken or steak, and 2 sides. After that, delicious cake made by Shayda Khimji was served.

The evening ended with everyone being gifted a personalised tote bag made by Jazz Print Solutions (@jazzprintsolutions)

We thank all our volunteers for their continuous hard work to make SJ what it is today. We can only say thank you, but your true reward lies with the Almighty SWT.