Stanmore Jafferys is excited to launch our February Fitness initiative: ‘Khushalentines’

‘Celebrating the wiladat of our 5th Imam – Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (AS) which coincides with Valentines Day’


At a time when the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown in winter is being felt across our community, we thought why not address this with an initiative that is all about fitness (walking, jogging, running or cycling) as well as giving and receiving gifts and most importantly, putting a smile on a fellow sister’s face ?

What is it?

‘Khushalentines’ pairs you with another sister who has signed up and encourages you to utilise your form of outdoor exercise for the day to walk, jog, run or cycle with a gift to her address. You will be allocated to another individual who will provide you with a gift.

How does it work?

1) If you would like to take part, please sign up on the form linked below. You will be asked to provide your name, address and contact number. If there is more than 1 person signing up from the same household, each individual must sign up separately

2) We will then allocate you someone within your local area who will be the individual you are providing with a gift. You may spend up to £5 on the gift or you could hand make it (but please no cooked or prepared foods)

3) On the weekend of 13th-14th February, you must either walk, jog, run or cycle to the address you have been given and place your gift on the doorstep. Note that the aim of this initiative is to encourage fitness and outdoor exercise so avoid driving to the address as this is not the purpose of ‘Khushalentines’

4) Don’t forget to log your exercise on one of our Strava clubs (click the links below to join)

5) On the same weekend, you should receive a gift from a fellow sister who has been allocated your name

6) Open your gift and get in contact with your giver even if it is just to say thank you (we can help to pass on messages if you do not know them!) Please take pictures and tag #SJKhushalentines when buying/ delivering/receiving your present!


  • By signing up for ‘Khushalentines’, you consent to your address being shared with one other individual in your local area who has signed up to enable you to receive your gift
  • For health and safety reasons, please do not gift any form of cooked or prepared food


  • Covid-19 restrictions state that exercise must be done in your local area therefore we endeavour to allocate you an individual within 5 miles of your address
  • This initiative is centred around fitness and therefore will form your daily outdoor exercise for the day under government guidelines
  • Please DO NOT remain outside the address speaking to the receiver of your gift even if you know the person. Social distancing MUST be adhered to at all times
Sign Up

Deadline: Saturday 6th February 2021