On Saturday 6th February 2021, we held our first coordinators meeting of the new term. With several new faces in the Executive Committee and new coordinators on the team, the meeting was a “virtual meet & greet” designed to enable us to reconnect, reenergise and refocus following a long break induced by the pandemic.

The meet & greet started off with introductions from the new Executive Committee followed by an icebreaker game of “one truth, one lie” where each of us took it in turns to come up with two statements about ourselves before the rest of the team had to guess which statement was true and which was false. Learning new things about each other helped us to bond and set the tone for the meeting ahead.

We then moved on to a presentation by the EC on immediate new initiatives in the pipeline (many of which you will have since taken part it) including Khushalentines and February Fast Feet. The coordinators were enthusiastic and engaged with the concepts excited to see how these would go down with the membership.

Attention then turned to the longer-term vision and strategic direction of the club. During our 2020 coordinators wrap up meeting back in December, we gathered views and discussed what we thought Stanmore Jafferys did well and what could be improved. The Executive Committee took the comments away and used them to set the overarching mission statement for the club and key terms we wanted to associate with the organisation such that when SJ is mentioned in the wider community, these are the buzzwords our members associate with us.

The keys to the delivery of our vision are to address areas where we can improve as identified in the December meeting. Alhamdulillah, 2021 has got off to a great start with increased social media marketing, aided by the new website, which has boosted engagement and outreach and enabled Stanmore Jafferys to continue to establish our presence within and outside of our community. We are excited to bring you new sports and activities and, when we are once again able to, new large-scale events!

If you have any feedback on ways in which we can improve, please feel free to contact us – all suggestions are welcome


The evening ended with coordinators participating in February Fast Feet before it was rolled out to the public 3 weeks later. Have a look at a sneak peak of some of the coordinators in action