On 14th May 2023, Ladies MAMT returned for the first time since 2019!

The weeks leading up to the day saw participant numbers rise in our weekly sessions! Anticipation was building as we drew closer and closer to the day!

This year’s MAMT was a bit different in that there was a ‘blind date’ Badminton concept which was very well received! Furthermore, the day consisted of multiple workshops as well as stalls which appealed to those who weren’t interested in playing the sports they had on offer which were Badminton, Netball, Scrabble, Swimming and Yoga.

The day was a huge success and our ladies smashed it with the SJ honours list below:

Badminton Singles Winner – Tarannam Khaku
Badminton Singles Runner Up – Sagira Jetha

Badminton Doubles Winners – Tarannam Khaku & Sabera Moledina
Badminton Doubles Runners Up – Sagira Jetha & Sajeeda Merali

Scrabble Runners Up – Liyaana Poptani
Netball Winners – Shooting Stars (beating Brimingham MSC in the final) 

The overwhleming feedback was that this was the ‘best MAMT ever’ with amazing sportsmanship, akhlaq, competitive spirit and sisterhood across Jamaats and teams.  

Massive thank you to Hyderi Nisa Sports for hosting us, as well as CoEJ for bringing back MAMT with a fresh exciting feel! 

We can’t wait for the next one!