Dear SJ Members

Salaamun Alaykum,

We have received an invitation for the Unity Games 2023 which will Inshallah take place between 24th –29th  of December in Dubai.

Please find below key information about the tournament as well as a link to register your interest. Please only register interest if you are intending to attend and would be in a position to book flights/pay fees once the selection process has been carried out.


Tournament Dates

24th – 29th Dec (inclusive)

Top Line Selection Process

  • Any member wishing to represent Stanmore Jafferys at the games will need to be a current member of the club.
  • Members of SJ will NOT be permitted to represent other Clubs/Jamaats (as per our agreement with the UG organisers) unless having received written confirmation from SJ (which will be provided should a player not be selected). However we are in dialogue with the organisers to ensure we can accommodate all SJ members at the games.
  • As per the request of the organisers, members are urged not to contact them directly, but direct any queries through their local sporting body (in this case Stanmore Jafferys) via
  • All members will be required to follow the selection processes of the individual sports in order to represent Stanmore Jafferys at the games (including trials, training sessions and so on). These will be clearly communicated.
  • Deadline and timelines will have to be followed.
  • As per the guidelines set out by the UG organisers all participating players MUST belong to their Jamaat and be from the Shia Ithna-Asheri community.
  • All SJ members wishing to participate are requested to register their interest by clicking on the link on this email.
  • Deadline to register interest is Midnight on Wednesday 31st May 2023.


At this juncture, we would like to outline our expectations:

As the club that represents the Stanmore Jamaat in the sporting arena, we have two key responsibilities when it comes to squad selection for a competitive event like Unity where spaces are limited:

  • Providing every member of Stanmore Jafferys with a fair and equal opportunity to attend trials and gain selection
  • Objectively selecting a squad that provides Stanmore with the best possible chance of competing for the trophy

Given the two criteria above, we require ALL players interested in participating in Unity Games (regardless of whether you would like to play with a specific team/individuals or not) to attend the trials (date and time TBC).

Stanmore Jafferys will then select a squad to represent the club at Unity, communicate this to you all and request confirmations from those selected (with those selected being given the option to accept or decline their space).

We are aware and are completely understanding of teams and players that would like to play together or would like to participate even if not selected. In this instance, we ask that you raise this with the Head of Ladies Sports (Sabiha Chagpar) and, following trials and squad selection, we can work together to either;

  • Request additional slots for Stanmore to enter more teams/players
  • If this is not possible, seek alternative ways for you to participate given the Jamaat endorsement policy for all players which will be strictly applied this year (i.e. participating players must belong to the Jamaat they are playing for)

As members of Stanmore, please refrain from approaching other Jamaats/Sports bodies independently of SJ. We appreciate that sport slots available at Unity are limited and we have a large jamaat with many members keen to participate. Once the selection process is complete, we will assist and support any of you who have not been selected but wish to play via the two possible means above.   

As one community and one club, we place Jamaat unity at the heart of what we do and our aim is to work with you all to ensure that as many players and teams as possible have the opportunity to participate, form bonds and preserve sisterhood. We humbly ask that you maintain an open channel of communication with us throughout the lead up to the Games and Inshallah this is a smooth process and positive experience for all!


Sports Available – Ladies

  • Badminton Open
  • Badminton 40+
  • Football – 7-a-side + upto 3 subs per team 
  • Netball – 7-a-side + upto 3 subs per team 
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Throwball – 9-a-side + upto 2 subs per team 

Each participant can ONLY play in a maximum of TWO sports 


SJ Internal Timelines

  1. Wednesday 31st May – Deadline to register interest to represent Stanmore Jafferys at UG2023.
  2. Sunday 25th June – Provisional list of players selected to represent Stanmore Jafferys at the UG2023 will be released.
  3. Sunday 9th July – All players selected need to provide flight details and/or entry fee to be paid.

The deadlines set by the host are tight and stringent. We have therefore set out the registration process to enable us to meet these deadlines and allow members to book flights as early as possible to avoid price increases.



  • Ladies participant with accommodation is US$250.

Please note that this DOES NOT include flights. However, it does include daily meals (breakfast at the hotel and food at the sporting venues) and transport to and from the venue for participants for the duration of the event.

Check in date: 24 December – 2pm

Check out date: 30 December – 12pm

For those who intend on coming with your families, separate arrangements can be made depending on individual requests. However, additional charges will apply.

Check in before 24th December and check out after 30th December will also incur additional charges.

For those who require visit visas, advanced notice is required alongside an additional charge of US$100 per person.

Intent to Participate Form

If you are interested in participating at the Unity Games 2023, please fill out the below form BY 31st MAY so that we can revert to the host with a confirmation for intention to participate (subject to numbers completing the form)

Please carefully note all of the above information before completing the form

  • The level of registered interest will guide the number of team slots we will request from Dubai by the end of the month.
  • You must register your interest by the deadline to be eligible for selection. 

Registration form LADIES:

Once we have collated information of all our members who are interested in participating, the Management Committee together with Sports Heads/Coordinators will establish a selection process based on numbers and will advise on the process and method of selection.


Many thanks in advance for your co-operation.

Salaams & Duas

Stanmore Jafferys