SJ Running is proud to launch March Teams Challenge!

This challenge is not about who is the fastest or who can do the most miles – it’s about supporting and motivating each other to walk, jog or run and getting some much-needed regular spring fresh air!


What is it?

The March Teams Challenge will run for 4 weeks starting from Thursday 4th March to Wednesday 31st March and will consist of 3 teams with an even number of regular and new walkers/runners. Each team will be led by an SJ Running coordinator and you will motivate each other to complete walks or runs and earn points for your team.

Each walk/run completed will earn a fixed number of points (regardless of distance and time) and you can do as much or as little as you want!


How does it work? 

Sign up by completing the form below letting us know whether you are an ‘experienced’ or ‘new’ walker/runner. An ‘experienced’ participant is defined as someone who currently walks or runs 5km or more regularly (i.e. 3 or more times a week)

Sign up deadline: Monday 1st March 2021

On Tuesday 2nd March 2021 at 8pm we will hold a zoom call with a run through of the rules, Q&A and the all-important live draw to see who will be in which team!

You will then be split into 3 WhatsApp groups to serve as motivation. Each walk/run you register on Strava will be awarded points as follows:

  • Continuous walk/run of a minimum of 2km earns 2 points
  • Continuous walk/run of a minimum of 5km earns 8 points
  • Points structures may evolve over the weeks and will include “double points”, “elevation” and “bonus points” days


  • N.B. Only 1 continuous walk/run a day will count i.e. you cannot split your kms throughout the day with breaks in between
  • Your time will not matter when allocating points but we recommend you try to better your minutes/km over the course of the challenge
  • You are more than welcome to walk/run more than 5km but you will not be awarded any additional points for this as the main aim of the challenge is to instil regular activity into your routine
  • Only walks/runs recorded on Strava alongside a map will count and you must be part of the SJ Ladies Running Group (Click HERE to join)
  • Each week we will announce the winner of the week with an overall winning team of the month being announced at the end.

Registration for entry to the challenge now closed! Any registrations received will not be added to the challenge

Good luck!