Over the last few months, our ladies have been training hard for the Unity Games 2019 to be held from 24th-29th December in Dubai.

The squad has gone from being 30 individual members back in August to One Team and One Family ready to give it their all across the four sports – netball, football, badminton and table tennis – in the hope of bringing back gold for Stanmore. The competition will no doubt be immense, but the ladies are up for the challenge! The squad gathered at Hujjat Stanmore on Wednesday 11th December for dinner, dessert and a send off as they received their kits, accessories and words of advice from former Unity players.

We were honoured to have Hujjat Stanmore Chairlady Marziyah Jaffer in attendance handing out armbands to our captains, cutting the cake with them and wishing all players well.

The evening ended with team photos and bonding as the squad got to know the Stanmore Jafferys cheers and chants that will ring out in Dubai.

With just  days to go until the opening ceremony, SJ Ladies are ready to take Dubai by storm!



Netball – Stanmore Queens & Stanmore Aces

Captained by Samina Merali & Tanweer Datoo

Squad: Fatma Ali, Gulshan Bharwani, Mariam Datoo, Tanweer Datoo, Fatemah Dewji, Masuma Fazel, Zahra Fazel-Merali, Zahra Hassan, Zainab Hassan, Samiha Ismail, Fatimah Jessa-Jaffer, Ismat Jiwa-Fazel, Ayman Kanji, Fatema Kanji, Sarah Kanji, Naznin Merali, Safiya Merali, Samina Merali, Zahra Mohamedali, Nayla Panjwani

Football – Stanmore Lions

Captained by Sabiha Jamal

Squad: Mariam Datoo, Masuma Fazel, Samiha Ismail, Sabiha Jamal, Sameera Jamal, Shazia Kanani, Ayman Kanji, Fatemah Mukadum, Sakina Somji

Badminton – Stanmore Smashers & Stanmore Racketeers

Captained by Naznin Merali

Squad: Fehmida Bhimji, Fatemah Dewji, Zainab Jaffer, Sagira Jetha, Sarah Kanji, Tarannam Khaku, Fatema Merali, Naznin Merali, Safiya Merali

Table Tennis – Stanmore Spinners & Stanmore Stars

Captained by Fatema Merali

Squad: Fehmida Bhimji, Zainab Jaffer, Sabiha Jamal, Sameera Jamal, Shazia Kanani, Samina Merali, Fatema Merali, Sakina Somji



We are truly grateful to our sponsors and partners for the Unity Games. Thank you to Neomedic Ltd for kitting the ladies out with personalised jackets and 3 shirts (home and away) and thank you to QFatima for providing the squad with personalised kits bags and water bottles. Both sponsors have done a great deal to ensure we look the part for all 5 days!

Thank you to Gains with Govinchy for sponsoring our fitness sessions and devising plans to make sure the ladies are ready for the rigours of the Festival!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Stanmore Jafferys Ladies & Gents the very best of luck in Dubai! Play well, have fun, make memories of a lifetime and bring it home to Stanmore!



2019 ended with the Unity Games in Dubai where Team SJ showed true spirit, courage and determination across all 4 sports. Congratulations to the Stanmore Queens on winning the netball cup and the Stanmore Racketeers on coming runners up in the badminton plate

Well done to all players on showing great sportsmanship throughout whether it was helping to umpire and marshal or running to other teams to offer advice and cheers. The squad represented the Stanmore community and SJ club badge with pride, honour and professionalism.