Glow in the Dark Volleyball – 11th November 2022 

By Sabera Somji

SJ ladies recently held their first glow in the dark volleyball tournament!

As soon as the poster was sent out it was the only thing people would talk about! With the link filling up in less than 10 seconds, it was clear that this was going to be a tournament to remember.

The coloured lights, neon tape and glow sticks created an unmatched vibe – it was the best halal rave ever with people screaming, commentating, running, laughing (and taking be reals) the whole night!!!

The games were sensational. Not being able to 100% see the neon tapes ball just added to the fun!

It has been absolutely amazing seeing how volleyball has taken off and I cannot wait to see the next exciting tournament SJ plans! 

A huge thank you to Maryam Virani for all of her efforts week in week out.