Volleyball has finally hit the courts!

Since January 2021, SJ Volleyball Coordinator – Maryam Virani – has been working hard behind the scenes to get Volleyball up and running on the ladies side.

Maryam has always been thoroughly passionate about the sport. Her paternal side have been playing for 20+ years, it must be in the blood! She would always wish she could join them on the court but would have to suffice in watching her brother’s sessions on YouTube! When the opportunity arose to become the Volleyball Coordinator she could not say yes fast enough!

On 29th October 2021, ladies launched their first session of Volleyball! Within 30 seconds of the sign-up link being sent out, the spaces were full! As well as that, there were an additional 15 ladies on the waiting list Alhamdulillah!

Learning a new sport is always hard without guidance, which is where Maryam and her team believed a coach was needed. After months of searching, they finally came across Ewelina. Ewelina has been playing indoor Volleyball for 8 years and has participated in events across the UK!

The first session started with warm-ups and techniques used in International Volleyball. Our ladies were mastering the techniques within mere minutes, leaving our coach astounded at our natural sporting ability. By the end of the session, the ladies had been taught how to volley, dig and serve!

Going forward, from 12th November 2021, we are excited to announce that we will be starting block sessions of Volleyball coaching! More information will be available on the Volleyball WhatsApp group.

“I have never played Volleyball before, my friends had all signed up, so I thought why not? The session was so well organised and I learnt different techniques in the first session!! Cant wait to play again this week!” – Ghadeer Al Barrak

“Volleyball last friday was amazing, I said I would definitely be back! To make sure I made the list, I had to run out of my badminton game to ensure that I was able to sign up before the spaces ran out!” –  Aliya Jaffer

We look forward to seeing our ladies become Volleyball stars in the future inshA!